5-Steps to Find Your Mind

Recognize that you can constantly make changes to better your life. 


Understand the daily habits and practices that make you your best self. 


Commit to those practices, finding time to do them every day. 


Continuously evaluate where you are on your path and make the necessary changes. 


Smile -- life is about the journey, so no matter where you are, try and enjoy it. 


What is Find Your Mind?

Andrew Feinstein

"Happiness is my goal. The world is my target."

Founder & CEO

Andrew is a best-selling author and meditation expert. He is kind, compassionate and willing to help anyone enhance their lives through meditation.

It was dark out when I first tried meditating. I had just finished reading my all-time favorite book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. As I turned the page to reveal the back cover of the book, I was left with two takeaways. 


      1. Find a spiritual teacher in a gas station (this is how Dan's journey began)

      2. Try meditation 


Obviously, I thought the second choice would be easier and I have to say I might have been wrong. My first meditation was the hardest. My back hurt, my mind was all over the place, time felt like it was moving at a fraction of normal speed. I gave up after five minutes... but even in that time, I knew that there was something powerful, something real about this practice. There was something that was telling me to learn more. 


Many hours of sitting in meditation, reading books and conversing with experts, I have been able to build up a practice that works for me. A practice that grounds me and keeps me in the present moment. And a practice that has given me the drive to do more, to be better for myself and for the world. Meditation has given me a greater purpose in life, and I want to share that purpose with all of you. 

  -- Andrew

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