Happier Hour is the first workshop created by Find Your Mind. The idea: too often do we try and find our happiness in a bottle or another outlet, but what if instead we actually sought out real and lasting happiness. 

In this short workshop, we will find what it means to be happy and learn how we can cultivate this in our lives no matter the circumstances. 

Whether you are a company, school, fraternity, sorority or even just a group of friends, book your Happier Hour for some laughs, fun and of course, meditation.


"This session uniquely allows us to rediscover our own minds, by creating bonds with the minds of others. A refreshing reminder of what truly matters - human connection."

"I’d say it definitely got me to focus on the present - I’ve been stressing over finals among other things, and when I was there I wasn’t thinking about any of that stuff. I didn’t realize until I left but I didn’t check my phone once which is out of character for me."

"I walked into the workshop not quite knowing what to expect, besides some meditation. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities and themes Andrew hit on. It’s refreshing to be reminded that just because you don’t know someone yet doesn’t mean you can’t get to know them quickly and at a deeper level. And of course I enjoyed ending with meditation; I can’t tell you the last time I sat still and focused on something as simple as my breathing. Overall, super lovely way to start the day."