Meditation is the perfect tool to help situate us in this moment and every moment. When we can purposefully take time out of our day to reset, decompress and breathe, we can learn to be present in our lives. 

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Meditation doesn't need a particular setting. Sometimes you might need to grab a quick five minutes on the train, or a few breaths between meetings. But if you can, try and find a nice quiet and peaceful place, one that helps to put your mind at ease allowing you to more quickly settle into the practice. 

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Building a practice requires a consistency. Whether you meditate every morning or night, it can be helpful to keep the time consistent as it can reinforce the habit. 


Start by just taking a few deep breaths in. Try to feel the breath as it enters and leaves your body -- notice the sensations, whether they be tingling, cooling or expanding feelings on your upper lip, the back of your throat, and your stomach. Just breathe for a few moments and really pay attention to what that is like. 


Where Do I Start?

Try a Guided Meditation

Guided Breath PracticeDecember 20, 2018
Guided Breath Practice 2January 1, 2019
Guided MeditationJanuary 30, 2019

Friends of Mind

Online Meditation Community

Meditation is an individual journey, but that journey is only made whole when you have a community to support, love and aid you. Our community is all about building that much needed deeper connection to both others and ourselves. So join us for some deep conversation, meditation and a general striving towards a better life.


Friends of Mind is currently an online community that meets weekly via Zoom Conferencing. If you are interested in joining, or learning more, click below.

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